Circulation & Flow Pumps

In a reef tank, water movement or flow is essential to the health of the corals and fish. Soft corals and LPS tanks typically require lower flow but SPS tanks require as much flow as possible.

There are factors to consider as you choose the right unit for your reef setup. The type of your saltwater fish should come into play. A too powerful aquarium powerhead may not favor a saltwater fish that is not comfortable in turbulent waters.

The dimensions and size of your aquarium also play a role in your choice. You’ll need considerably stronger aquarium powerheads for a 75-gallon fish tank than for a 40-gallon one, for example. Also, is there a good small unit that would best fit a nano fish tank?

It is also crucial that you place the powerhead in a position that enables it to maximize its efficiency. So should you take for granted how to properly position yours to achieve the optimal placement so that the flow can satisfy all marine inhabitants?

Manhattan Aquariums carry a number of different circulation and flow pumps to fit every need.