AQUARIO Neo Soil Compact Plants

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Neo Soil Compact Plants by Aquario is a special substrate for aquariums. This soil creates perfect conditions for the growth of tropical aquarium plants while being totally safe for fish and invertebrates. Due to the special structure of the soil-balls, with different soil types in the middle and the surrounding, this soil has a lower weight and a higher filtering ability.

Next to the ability to lower the pH Value as well as the water hardness, this soil also includes abilities that make it unique. Other than most soils, the Neo Soil includes bacteria that are activated as soon as the soil makes contact with water. The bacteria then immediately start transforming harmful chemicals and repelling harmful organisms. To make sure that the helpful bacteria survive during the first time, the soil also includes feeding particles that last until the aquarium reaches a balanced state. As the bacteria also make sure that important nutrients are available for the plants, tha growth during the critical starting phase is accelerated. Additionally, microscopic hole inside the soil-balls enlarge the surface and give more living space for additional bacteria.

Another unique characteristic of this soil is the ability to adsorb soilings and thus, keeping the water clean.