Reef Aquarium Lighting

As most reef-tank owners are aware, proper lighting is key to maintaining a saltwater reef aquarium. First, light stimulates the growth of corals, which host tiny photosynthesizing creatures known as zooxanthellae. In addition, light is important for creating a photoperiod—a day/night simulation—in the aquarium. That stimulates the natural activity of corals and other aquarium life.

LED is by far the most popular lighting for reef aquariums, primarily due to its high energy efficiency and low heat. LEDs are now easy to control, require no bulb replacement, are smaller and more easthetically pleasing than T5s and Metal Halides and many of the fixtures last many years. Unlike T5 & Halide lights, there are no lamps to change.

LEDs can now provide the same light intensity and spectrum to grow SPS corals as T5s and Metal Halides