Pax Bellum

Pax Bellum N-Series

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This 21st century approach to grow macro-algae has revolutionized the aquarium industry.  Featuring a central LED light with an external heat-sink this algae scrubber is an all in one refugium.  It is the most efficient way to remove phosphates and nitrates from a saltwater aquarium.  The body is made of cast acrylic with a Tyvek cover (contains light within reactor) and has 1/2" FNPT inlet/outlet ports.

N18 Specs:

Recommended System Size: 40-120 gals

Recommended Flow rate: 150-200 gph

Total Height: 16.5"

Total Footprint: 6.5"

N24 Specs:

Recommended System Size: 120-250 gals

Recommended Flow Rate: 180-250 gph

Total Height: 23"

Total /footprint: 9.5" x 8.25"


Available quick disconnects sold separately.