Anubias sp. Mix Pack 5pc

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Anubias Pack 10 Different types of Anubias

May Include :

1- Anubias Barteri Broad Leaf 

1- Anubias Barteri Butterfly

1- Anubias Bonsai

1- Anubias Coffefolia

1- Anubias Congensis

1- Anubias Minima

1- Anubias Nana

1- Anubias Golden Nana

1- Anuibias Nana Petite


Origin: West Africa

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Low

Co2: Not Required

Propagation: Separate by Rhizome

Growth rate: Slow to Moderate


Propagation is easy and straightforward; simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be replanted. Make sure to keep the rhizomes above your substrate or the plant can begin to rot.