Bucephalandra Green Wavy

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Bucephalandra Green Wavy Tissue Culture

Common Name: Bucephalandra Green Wavy

Family Name: Araceae

Endemic To: Borneo

Leaves: Long and Curly, medium sized around 1"

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Low to Medium

Co2: Not necessary but recommended 

Propagation: Cut by rhizome

Growth rate: Slow

Buce Green Wavy is a farm grown variant of Bucephalandra thats been gaining popularity. It can be characterized by the bright green ruffled leaves which can range from about .75 - 1.0 inches.  

The plant is very slow growing, with new leaves sprouting from long, thin rhizomes.  It can be propagated by cutting the rhizome and attached to driftwood and rocks using super glue gel or thread.