Elos Alkalinity (KH) Test Kit

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Alkalinity (KH) Test - Carbonate Hardness.

If you ask the most successful reefkeepers, they will all tell you that stable alkalinity is the key to keeping stony corals or any corals with a skeletal base. 

This test kit includes
  • High-quality components
  • High precision: thanks to the use of a calibrated dropper
  • NIST validation: each batch is validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) samples
  • A high number of test per kit: up to 40 test (with a standard level of 10 dKH)
  • "Safe reagents": reagents and testing procedures are based on Low-Risk Reagents. None of our test kits are based on Toxic Reagents.


Low alkalinity is also one of the chief causes of low ph in a saltwater or reef aquarium.