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Real Reef Frag Mounts 10pk

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Real Reef Frag Mounts 10pack

Made from the same process as other Real Reef Rocks but in a smaller natural frag mount form and size. They are perfect for a natural base to grow frags or even as a mount for larger coral colonies. Produced in the USA with 100% sustainable materials, and coated with vibrant pinks, purples, and reds simulating natural coralline algae growth. With each bucket containing a wide variety of sizes and shapes, a single pail will let you frag a lot of corals and you can select the right frag mount for the aquascape placement and coral. 

  • Sustainable Natural Looking Frag Mounts
  • Made of Calcium Carbonate
  • Includes Trace Elements
  • Wide Variety of Sizes & Shapes
  • Blends Into Existing Aquascapes
  • Coralline Colored Non-Toxic Pigments