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Neptune Sky Reef Aquarium LED Light

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Neptune Sky Reef Aquarium LED Light 

 Included SKY Shimz Diffused Lens & SKY Aquarium LED Hanging Kit

Standalone product

Many Neptune products require the apex system in order to function. The sky led is stand alone though an no apex is necessary. It can be used completely independently.

Wired or Wireless

Connect the light with aquabus to your apex or wireless to your mobile device.

Easy of Use

One of the easiest led lights to set up on the market today


Because of the unique diffuser design easy like can cover an area of 24”x30” and even up to 30”x36” for aquariums without sps / hard corals (light demanding corals)


With 104 LED and 200w off led power, this is one of the strongest led lights on the market today. More than enough to keep, grow and color any coral species


The led light has been designed to provide the perfect spectrum of light to optimize coral color and growth.


The sky light has added UV led to make corals really stand out and mimic the spectrum of the sun.


For those who don’t appreciate the shimmer associated with led lights, neptune offers a special diffuser called the “shimz” to kill some of this shimmer.


The moonlights on the Neptune sky are the first on the market to be offered on 2 different channels so you can independently control both blue and white

Heat Management

The sky light has been specially designed to quickly and efficiently dissipate heat away from the light through specially placed fans. It also has built in safeties that will dim or even turn off the light in the case of overheating.


The sky lights usually high grade fans and a super large heat sink in order to ensure quiet operation.


This sky light measure only 1.75” tall and 4lbs thanks to its modern ,sleek elegance design.

Mounting Options

The sky light uses a universal mounting system that work with ecotech light systems. You can use the ecotech hanging kit, rails and even the rms arms to safely and securely mount the led light over or on your aquarium.