Do you have an existing tank, and you just cannot keep fish or coral alive?  
Do you have a water feature that has a "mystery leak"?
Do you have an old setup and you want to bring it into the 2018 era?
Do you think your tank is looking tired and need some new life injected into it?
Are you thinking of getting a tank and don't know what to get?
Are you looking for that rare coral or fish that no one else can get?
If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you may need to talk to one of our aquatic experts.
Of course, we do not charge to answer simple questions or to give advice, we love helping our customers!  But sometimes, when there is a questions that needs further investigation and may take hours, when our experts' time and knowledge is required, this becomes a consultation. Typically a consultation will take place at the location of your choosing, with a house call starting at $150. 100% of this will be waived, if you choose to become a client.
Call us to set up an appointment.
As a maintenance client, consultation and periodic reviews are included.