Design / Install

Our custom aquariums division consists of experienced designers, curators and technicians. We take your concept and materialize it into the final product, working with constraints such as engineering, weight distribution, plumbing, automation systems and placement etc. We often work with architects and interior designers from conception of project all the way to the end for a smooth collaboration. We work with acrylics, glass, steel, aluminum and other materials. We have turned some pretty unusual objects into fish tanks over the years! Large cranes and street closures have been involved in some of these builds
Our curators will design and stock the aquarium with the optimal mix of livestock and ornamental elements to achieve the look you are after, within your budget. They will ensure all the livestock can coexist in a well tuned and stable environment for easy maintenance and longevity.
No matter how large or small, the team at Manhattan Aquariums can work with your needs. We have handled tasks that cost a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. Contact us today for a free quote.
Manhattan Aquariums is a registered corporation of New York State and are fully bonded and insured. Proof of insurance furnished upon request.
Check out some of our work in the gallery.