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AquaStik Epoxy Putty Red

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AquaStik Epoxy Putty made by Two Little Fishies is a great choice of epoxy putty used for aquascaping aquariums. The Corraline Red color blends in with the algae perfectly and its clay-like qualities make it easy to attach directly to the aquarium glass or to plugs without any mess. It can be used to secure items such as live rock, corals, plants and gorgonians and the putty is nontoxic, perfectly safe for fish, reptiles, aquatic plants, invertebrates and other small animals.

This epoxy putty will mix in just 1 minute and harden in 20 minutes. It can be cured underwater, process which takes around 24 hours to complete fully. After this is done the putty can be sanded, drilled and sawed and can be used to perform repairs. It can be attached to metal, fiberglass, ceramic, acrylic, wood and concrete surfaces, making it ideal for use in marine & freshwater aquariums, paludariums, ponds and various habitats for reptiles and small animals. It does not emanate any unpleasant or strong odors. When used in larger quantities, it can cause excessive foaming for the protein skimmer. It is advised that in these situations the skimmer be turned off for 36 hours after the putty was applied.