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"Strawberry" Fighting Conch

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Strawberry Fighting Conch, Strombus pugilis

  • Omnivore
  • Reef safe
  • Great addition to any size reef aquarium
  • Also consumes detritus, cyanobacteria and diatoms
  • Approx. Size 1 1/2"  Small
  • Max Size 3"
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The Fighting Conch is a very hardy member of the Strombidae family. They are excellent part of your aquariums clean up crew. They are sand sifters, and very beneficial in the reef aquarium. As they burrow and dig through the aquarium substrate, they clean and aerate the bottom. They do an excellent job of keeping your sand bed clean and white.

Fighting Conches can grow to about 3" and do well in all sizes of reef aquaria with supplemental feeding.

The Fighting Conch is an omnivore and will also consume detritus. Supply pieces of fresh fish and dried seaweed, as well as high quality frozen foods, to supplement what they will feed on from the bottom of the tank.