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HydraResQ Emergency Backup & Portable Air Pump

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HydraResQ Emergency Backup & Portable Air Pump

– Automatically switches to battery operation during power outages

– Provides oxygen and life when you need it most

– Single Outlet

– Requires 2 “D” batteries

– Average battery service 30 hours

– Air output 0.7L/min

– AC 110V – 120V

Hydra Aquatics’ HydraResQ Emergency Backup and Portable Air Pump is designed and manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure a durable product and reliable performance. This pump is not designed fro continuous use. Use during power outages, transporting fish, or in bait buckets.

1. Connect one end of airline tubing to the air pump outlet and the other to an airstone.
2. Place the pump above the water level of the aquarium or use a check valve to prevent backflow into the pump.
3. Periodically check and replace the airline tubing and airstones to maintain the air pump’s performance.

Guarantee: The product can be replaced or repaired without charge for manufacturing defects for six months commencing upon the date of purchase. This warranty only covers the damages resulting from normal usage. Damages resulting from natural disasters or other external forces beyond the control of Sevenports are not covered by this warranty.