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4 Piece "LPS" Frag Pack - 4 Different Stock Frags

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LPS - “Large Polyped Stony Coral”. Approximately 1" to 1.5" each.

LPS corals require stable conditions, moderate lighting, and modest to brisk water movement. Many are happy being placed directly on the substrate. "LPS" corals include some of the most sought-after and coveted corals in the hobby today, such as the "Chalice" corals and Favia morphs. At, we offer both sustainably-collected wild colonies, and propagated “frags” that you can feel good about purchasing.

Note: Some of these corals possess long “sweeper tentacles” that can sting their neighbors, so provide plenty of room between your corals!

We make sure each frag is healthy and well-healed before they leave.