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MR Coralline Hybrid Rock 20lbs

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Reef Saver Rock with a Brilliant Coralline Look

  • Zero negative impact to marine environments
  • Naturally pest free
  • Each piece is uniquely shaped for easy aquascaping
  • Calcium based for excellent buffering capacity


This new Coralline-colored rock features all the classic benefits of MarcoRocks' Reef Saver Rock while now offering that instant aesthetic appeal that closely resembles Coralline covered live rock. It features the same porosity which means no negative impact to the biological capabilities. No paint is used! The proprietary process uses an organic pigment that is 100% reef safe. Even better is that MR Coralline Rock can easily be mortared together using E-Marco 400 (coralline color). Alternatively, MR Coralline Rock can also be bonded with Super Glue gel.

Because this rock isn't harvested from the ocean and arrives dry, it's 100% free of nuisance algae, aiptasia, parasitic isopods, mantis shrimp, acro eating flat worms, and other common saltwater aquarium pests. Like the original MarcoRocks Hybrid rock, Coralline Rock comes in unique shapes that fit well together to make interesting and unique structures.