NEW: Vitamini LED 36" light by Illumagic Super Actinic

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The newest in lighting power is here! In stock and ready to ship to your aquarium.

Modular and hyper efficient - mix and match with any lighting system from Hydra, Illumagic and other major brands.  Simply use the included clips and attach them to your existing lighting system for added coverage and growth.

Hyper Blue, full UV spectrum. Great for growing SPS.

It will attach to not only Illumagic, but also Hydras and all brands with exposed heat syncs.

UV/Violet/Royal Blue/Blue for Super Actinic Version
UV/Violet/Blue/Cyan/5000K/3000K for Solar Spectrum Version
Please refer to the Vitamini output diagram

If your light is attached with fixed arms, you can add the Vitamini to one side only. If your light is suspended by a hanging kit,  you will need two Vitaminis (like "wings"), one on each side to keep the balance.

Clear acrylic arms sold separately.

ReefBuilders recently featured this exciting new product:
"The new Vitamini Wings from Illumagic are an exciting supplemental LED striplight which is designed to really help coral colors pop. The skinny profile of the Illumagic Vitamini strips gives them loads of flexibility in installing into a wide range of applications with a constrained small or minimal overhead."