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New Solar Storm Clownfish pair

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New Solar Storm Clownfish complete trio of Snow Storm Clownfish(Black fins), Ice Storm Clownfish (mocha fins) and now Solar Storm Clownfish (bright orange fins). All three designer clownfish of this trio contain both Storm Clownfish genetics and Snowflake Clownfishgenetics.  The look of the Solar Storm Clownfish has a resemblance to the Snowflake Clownfish, but with crisper white coloration that covers the entire body of the fish and extends into the fins. The orange portion of the caudal fin (tail), pectoral fins and pelvic fins are smaller due to the extension of the white coloration. However, the remaining orange fin coloration is glowing, justifying their name of Solar Storm Clownfish. In most fish the first dorsal fin (top) is completely white, with a few individuals having a trace of black. The second dorsal fin is mostly white with a line of black pigment. The Solar Storm Clownfish is quickly becoming a favorite amongst the Sea & Reef staff. Be careful to not stare at our Solar Storm Clownfish directly for too long since the bright orange coloration might burn your eyes (just kidding). Solar Storm Clownfish was released on February 23, 2024.